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Hi Violetta Gleich! First of all, thank you for your time. Why don't you introduce yourself: who are you and what do you do at Rödl & Partner? 

My name is Violetta Gleich and I've been working at Rödl & Partner since I started my career in 1998, although that's not quite right. To be precise, I signed my training contract with Schmakowski & Schmitt's law firm in August 1998 and started my training as a paralegal. In February 1999, lawyer Stephan Schmitt dissolved his partnership with Mrs Schmakowski and merged his office with Rödl & Partner. The Schmitt and Rödl offices were already on the same floor on the Arabellastreet in Munich, so they were already working together on a regional basis. It was easy for me to switch to Rödl & Partner on the phone in the morning because I knew the people and the philosophy of Rödl very well.

How did your career start over 25 years ago and how did you get to where you are now? 

Well, as I said, I started my training as a paralegal in 1998. I came to Munich from one of the easternmost corners of Brandenburg, directly from the Polish border, when I was 19 and had just finished school. Stephan Schmitt kindly offered me a training contract. Not many people had done that before him. I had a good high school diploma, that was not the problem. But it took 60 unsuccessful applications all over Germany before Stepahn Schmitt and I crossed paths. I was overjoyed and ready for the "big wide world". I worked for and with him for 24 and a half years with a lot of passion and joy. I learnt a lot from him and was able to continue my education, work independently and, above all, work on cases. I always enjoyed it very much. But then it was time for a change. The position of Head of Office Management in the Munich office became vacant and I said to myself: "If not now, when?". I had enough operational experience. I had trained people and always had a lot of responsibility. I wanted to put that to good use at the Munich office with Ronald Hager. So here I am.

Tell us about your day-to-day work: what do you do as an office manager?

As a paralegal, I mainly dealt with courts, our own clients and clients on the other side. Now it's suppliers, landlords and all the service providers we hire for Munich. We have to negotiate prices, check service charges or leases, plan, organise and manage internal and external events. My "customers", if you like, are our employees. Everything that is needed and bought crosses my desk, be it new desks, lamps or other interior furnishings. Occupational safety, social media for the office, external image, university marketing, facility management... the tasks are varied and the list is long. It never gets boring. I am supported by a nice but small team, including the reception and I am very grateful to work with great people.


What do you like most about your job?

Definitely the variety. You have a plan, of course you have a plan for the week, but you never know what topics might come up. Especially when you work with a lot of different people. I really like that too. I like people and talking to them - finding solutions. If everyone is happy at the end, that makes me happy too. This is meaningful work to me. 


How does Rödl & Partner help you work and organise your life the way you want? 

Rödl & Partner is characterised by one thing above all: trust in its employees. I work relatively freely, I report to our branch manager in Munich, Ronald Hager, and work with him on many projects and solutions for Munich. However, I am free to choose the path to the solution, which I really enjoy. I like taking on responsibility. People know they can rely on me. I am involved, challenged and encouraged. This has been the case in the past in legal advice and now in the office management. I am the mother of a 5-year-old daughter, so I also had a short Rödl-break. But I was able to come back to work with a reduced number of hours and later increase my hours again. When my daughter is ill, which unfortunately happens more often than you'd like in the winter months, I can work from home without any problems. I really appreciate this flexibility and trust.

Thank you Violetta Gleich for the great interview and your perspective! To many more successful years at Rödl & Partner! 


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