Tanja Fischer: Conquering the world in workflow


published on 8 February 2022


Tanja Fischer has an impressive CV. You’ll notice instantly that she knows exactly what she wants. Because she has goals. One of them was and still is Rödl & Partner. 

The obligatory studies (abroad), further training like tax consultant and auditor exams, the greatly earned Partner title as well as two cherries on top on all that in form of kids: It sounds perfect and it is. Tanja Fischer is a career woman and a mother. That’s not something special per se, because she’s just getting up every day living her life happily. Still, her achievement is remarkable and has been for many years. Because she wants it and because it is possible, with Rödl & Partner. Every day.
Her path to the role as Partner for example: It came along quickly – if not rapidly – for the quite short period of time that she has been with the firm. The fact that she wanted and would be a Partner? No doubts here! On her appointment she was well advanced with baby number 1 and insanely happy.  
Therefore, her quick return to work after baby number two was hoped for and welcomed by everybody. It’s good to know that this isn’t usual at all with two kids as well as the workload as a Partner and can only be achieved with a working network at home. But also, that organisational talent and project management will never leave us even in our personal life and that everyone can test and develop her or his strengths and above all, use them in a meaningful way (for all sites)! 
Rödl & Partner offers to us as employees – or rather humans – various and diverse possibilities. How to organise our life, how to work together as a team (and getting counterbalanced in it if necessary), how to make it to the top and especially when and to what extent. That is the form of empowerment that smoothes our path, gives directions and makes the goal reachable to everybody in the end. Together we are matching.


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