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Hi Linda Hübner, first of all, thank you for your time. What is your career history with​Rödl & Partner?

I joined the company on April 1st 1998 as assistant and right hand to the founder and managing partner Dr. Bernd Rödl. After his death in 2015, I continued to work as an assistant for Prof. Dr. Christian Rödl. My responsibilities there included organising, handling and logging management meetings, equity partner meetings, partner and branch manager meetings, the Global Board, etc. I was also responsible for various special tasks, including the Friends of the Nuremberg State Opera. I have been supporting the CSR team since 2020.​ However, when I celebrated my official retirement in August 2023, I knew that I wanted to continue working at Rödl & Partner one day a week because of my attachment to the company.


What are your current tasks?

In addition to various special tasks, such as the Friends of the Nuremberg State Opera and supporting a long-standing foreign client, I support the CSR team in particular in the areas of social projects, donations and sponsoring. ​

How has Rödl & Partner changed during your 25-year career?

It has constantly evolved over the past 25 years, adapting to general changes and never standing still for the good of the company. During the Corona period alone, a huge home office network was set up in a very short time in an admirable way.

What is your favourite memory at Rödl & Partner?

I always have fond memories of many interesting events at the company. It was particularly nice to experience Bernd Rödl's enthusiasm, surprise and emotion when a "Haindling concert" was spontaneously organised at Rödl & Partner to celebrate his 70th birthday in the summer of 2013. Bernd Rödl was a great fan of Haindling. I happened to notice that the group had performed the day before at Abenberg Castle, which is near Nuremberg. Fortunately, I was able to persuade the artist and his band to extend their tour to include a performance in Bernd Rödl's honour. It was a great thing and a very special event.



What motivates you to continue working for Rödl & Partner after retirement?

All my life I have always enjoyed working. My working day was never boring. There were many funny and humorous episodes at Rödl & Partner, which I remember very fondly. My current job in the CSR team, including various special tasks, is a good way to gradually wind down my working life.


How does your experience complement a very young CSR team?

I am very happy to be able to continue working in the CSR team after my official retirement. The collegial collaboration and solidarity with my young, dynamic and creative colleagues keeps me young. On the other hand, I have the opportunity to pass on to the team the many years of experience I have gained through my various activities in the company.

What do you wish for the company in the future?

I hope that Rödl & Partner will continue to be as successful as it has been in the past and that, thanks to its particular strengths, it will be in the fortunate position of being able to solve and master all the challenges that arise worldwide in an outstanding manner. Rödl & Partner's advantages include its uniqueness in the market, personal contact with clients, an entrepreneurial spirit characterised by determination and courage and, last but not least, the positive collaboration between colleagues.

How would you describe Rödl & Partner in 3 words?

The 3 Ms - successful brand, satisfied clients, caring and dynamic employees.

Thank you for the interview and good luck for the future!​


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Gerlinde Hübner

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

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