A much-anticipated return to Rödl & Partner: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”


published on April 17th 2023

Time to time our career paths unexpectedly change their regular direction by offering some sort of professional surprises. After a two year break, our former colleague Deimantė Maigytė has rejoined Rödl & Partner Lithuania as an in-house lawyer. This is a great example showing that motivated and inquisitive professionals always find open arms for them here at Rödl & Partner. Deimantė kindly shares recent impressions on her rejoining and overviews the reasons of her return. 

Tell us more about the circumstances that inspired you to make a decision to rejoin Rödl & Partner. What sort of attractive career opportunities have you identified here?
Thank you for the opportunity to share the circumstances surrounding my decision to rejoin Rödl & Partner. I left the company a few years ago to pursue a new experience and gain a deeper understanding of the legal system. During my time away, I gained valuable experience and learned how to communicate effectively with clients. However, I have always maintained a strong connection to Rödl & Partner and have never forgotten the valuable lessons and experiences gained during my previous tenure.
What I loved most about working at Rödl & Partner were the daily challenges that helped me grow stronger in my professional field. I believe that returning to the team would allow me to continue learning and growing, while also contributing my skills and experience to help the company achieve its goals. I am excited about rejoining the team and believe I would be an asset to the company.
As a lawyer, I am drawn to career opportunities that allow me to work with a diverse range of clients and cases while providing opportunities for growth and development. These include opportunities to develop expertise in specialized areas of the law and collaborate with colleagues who are leaders in the industry. Additionally, I am excited about the prospect of working in a supportive and collaborative environment that prioritizes professional development and fosters a culture of innovation and excellence. Overall, I believe this firm offers various attractive career opportunities that align with my professional goals and aspirations.

Can you compare the feelings that came over you on both first days – joining and rejoining?
Joining Rödl & Partner for the first time was an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for me. I remember feeling a mix of anticipation, eagerness, and a little bit of anxiety as I started my new role. I was eager to learn about the company, meet my colleagues, and begin contributing to the team. At the same time, I was also a little nervous about starting a new job and worried about whether I would be able to meet the expectations of my new role.
Rejoining the company after a few years away was a slightly different experience. While I still felt excited about returning to the team and rejoining the company culture, I also felt a sense of familiarity and comfort that I did not feel during my first day. I already knew many of my colleagues and company values, making it easier for me to settle back in and start contributing immediately. At the same time, I also felt a sense of responsibility to ensure that I was able to pick up where I left off and continue making valuable contributions to the team.
Overall, I would say that my feelings on my first day of joining and rejoining were similar in many ways, but there were also some differences based on my previous experiences with the company.

Did you notice any differences in the adaption process in terms of joining and rejoining the company?
I did not notice any significant differences in the adaptation process between joining the company for the first time and rejoining after a few years away. In both cases, I needed to familiarize myself with any changes in the company culture, policies, and procedures and establish relationships with new colleagues and clients.
However, because I had worked at the company before, rejoining felt like a smoother process for me. Overall, while there were some differences between joining and rejoining the company, I did not notice any significant differences in the adaptation process.

Currently you are acting as an in-house lawyer at the company. What skills, to your mind, are essential for such a position? Which assignments and obligations are the most rewarding in this job?
As an in-house lawyer, I believe that several skills are essential for success in this role. Firstly, strong legal knowledge and analytical skills are crucial for effectively interpreting and applying the law to company operations. 
In terms of assignments and obligations, I find that the most rewarding aspects of this job involve working with colleagues from other departments to develop and implement legal strategies that support the company's goals. This includes identifying potential legal risks and developing strategies to mitigate them.
Overall, I believe that success as an in-house lawyer requires a combination of legal knowledge, communication skills, problem-solving ability, and the ability to work effectively with colleagues across the organization.

Why did you decide to become a lawyer?
I decided to become a lawyer because I wanted to make a positive impact on society and help people navigate complex legal issues. Growing up, I was always interested in issues of fairness and justice, and I saw the law as a powerful tool for promoting these values. Additionally, I was drawn to the intellectual challenge of legal work and the opportunity to engage in critical thinking and analysis.
Finally, I was attracted to the diverse range of career opportunities available to lawyers. Whether working in private practice, in-house for a company, or in the public sector, there are countless ways to apply legal skills and make a meaningful impact.
Overall, becoming a lawyer has allowed me to pursue my passion for justice and fairness, engage in intellectually challenging work, and build a career with a wide range of growth opportunities.

What would you like to wish for yourself in the years to come?
In the years to come, I would like to continue to grow and develop both personally and professionally. On a personal level, I hope to cultivate strong relationships with family and friends and pursue hobbies and interests outside of work.
Professionally, I hope to advance my legal career by continually seeking out new opportunities to broaden my skill set and take on exciting and innovative projects. In addition, I hope to find a fulfilling balance between work and other aspects of my life and to continue to learn and grow from the experiences and challenges that come my way.
Overall, my professional goal is to continue to learn and grow as a lawyer, while contributing to the success of the organizations I work for. At the same time, I hope to build a meaningful and fulfilling career and life for myself, with a focus on continued growth, development, and innovation.

Would you share with us your future professional ambitions?
My future professional ambitions include continuing to grow as a lawyer and taking on more complex and challenging cases to improve my skills and knowledge. I want to make sure I am up to date with changes in laws and regulations that affect my clients, so I plan to attend relevant workshops and seminars. Additionally, I would like to explore different areas of the law and broaden my legal expertise to better serve my clients.
In the long term, I am interested in taking on a leadership role within a law firm or legal department, where I can mentor and guide younger attorneys while continuing to handle my caseload.
Overall, my goal is to build a successful and fulfilling career as a lawyer, while making a positive impact on the community and helping those in need.

What is the main motto / favorite quote that guides you through your professional and personal life?
I cannot single out one quote, therefore the following ones stand out for me:
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do". This quote by Steve Jobs reminds me to pursue work that I am passionate about and enjoy, rather than just chasing financial rewards or prestige. It inspires me to find meaning and purpose in my work, which ultimately leads to greater fulfillment and satisfaction.
"Believe you can and you're halfway there". This quote by Theodore Roosevelt reminds me of the importance of having confidence and self-belief to achieve success. It encourages me to push through doubts and setbacks and trust in my abilities and potential.

Think about three things that make you proud of working at Rödl & Partner.
1. Ability to work on challenging and complex projects that require creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
2. Supportive and collaborative work environment that fosters teamwork and communication.
3. Opportunities to work with multinational clients and gain international experience.

Thank you for your personal insights, Deimantė!


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