At Rödl & Partner, people are at the center – just as they are: diverse and unique. This applies to our clients as well as our employees. We believe that different backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge lead to the best solutions and decisions, and we value the diversity and differences of our stakeholders.

That’s why we work to create a work environment at Rödl & Partner that appreciates each individual for who they are. Our motto #weareroedl reflects this commitment.

Equal opportunity

At Rödl & Partner, we prioritize equal opportunities and the principle of meritocracy to ensure that everyone can thrive to the best of their abilities. While we recognize that each individual is unique and faces different life circumstances, we remain committed to providing equal opportunities regardless of gender identity, nationality, ethnic background, religion or belief, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

Within our Diversity Management framework, we consider all dimensions of diversity, paying special attention to the intersectionality of multiple aspects that an individual possesses. Our goal is to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and where individual perspectives are appreciated. We support all dedicated employees in ways that meet their specific needs, ensuring their success and job satisfaction.

By combining these two approaches of diversity and equal opportunity, we lay the foundation for equality at Rödl & Partner.

Equality of opportunity and diversity does not mean that everyone is the same - rather, everyone is equally valuable. This may sound obvious. But we have to constantly question ourselves and make sure that we really live by it.

Prof. Dr. Christian Rödl Chairman of the Management Board


As a company, we gain insights into potentials and important impulses through our employee surveys and the perspectives of many individuals on the topic of diversity. At Rödl & Partner, we collaboratively shape our work culture and the company through participation.

Since 2022, Rödl & Partner has had a Diversity Network where all topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion are discussed, debated, and advanced within individual employee ressource groups (ERGs). This network actively participates in all diversity management initiatives.

Our four ERGs—#EmpoweringWomen, #SupportingParents, #CulturalDiversity, and #Pride—highlight some of the most important topics for our colleagues.

By conducting employee surveys and leveraging our Diversity Network, we identify the key areas that matter at Rödl & Partner.

Appreciative workplace

At Rödl & Partner, we recognize that diversity and the varied competencies and experiences of our colleagues benefit both the company and our clients. As an employer, we actively create an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute and thrive.

One of our initiatives is LadiesLunch@Rödl, which invites all women working at Rödl & Partner across Germany to share a lunch break. These gatherings occur both in large online events and at individual locations in person. During these sessions, we discuss experiences and topics relevant to women, providing a platform for meaningful exchange.

Sustainable leadership

Sustainable leadership is of great importance in our company, as it significantly influences the daily work lives of all our employees. Since 2022, Rödl & Partner has embraced a leadership model, which serves as the foundation and reference point for our sustainable and values-based leadership culture. All our managers are trained in our leadership model and get to be role models in its implementation.

Individual career opportunities

We support all our committed employees in their professional and personal development. With our various models, we find individual career paths for all employees and offer prospects for promotion. Everyone who wants to advance at Rödl & Partner should be given the right tools and support for their career.

Reconciling care work and career

At Rödl & Partner, we are a family-friendly company where no one has to choose between their career and family – even at higher career levels. That’s why we continue to expand our offerings related to flexible work schedules and support for individuals engaged in care work.

Care@Rödl is an internal network focused on care work. It encompasses not only parenting and the balance between career and family but also situations where employees care for relatives, friends, or partners. The dual burden faced by these employees creates a unique life situation. The network provides a platform for sharing information and experiences related to specific topics, connecting people who are in similar circumstances.


Get to know the diversity of our employees in our career blog! You can expect exciting insights into careers, first-hand accounts of our training programs and, of course, topics such as compatability of care-work and career and work-life balance.