Internship in the area of employer branding in human resources development


published on 16. August 2023

In this interview, Carolina talks about her internship at our office in Nuremberg, her activities in the area of employer branding in HR development and the impressions she gained. 

Why did you decide to do an internship at Rödl & Partner?
At Rödl & Partner, I had the feeling right from the start that I would be fully integrated into the team and that I would also be involved in the tasks as a fully-fledged team member. In addition, I was already made aware during my two job interviews that I could expect team spirit and a family environment at Rödl & Partner. It was also important to me personally that most of my working life would take place in the office, but that I would still have the flexibility to work partly in a home office and to organise my working hours individually. After I was assured of these points, it was clear to me that I would choose Rödl & Partner. 

How come you are interested in the field of human resources development?
To be honest, before my internship I was mainly looking around in the area of marketing, although I always found the area of HR development itself exciting. Then I became aware of the internship position in the Employer Branding team in HR Development, which sounded like the perfect mix of marketing and HR Development to me. Ultimately, my interest in HR development was further strengthened by my internship and I can now also imagine taking relevant courses in my Master's degree. 

Were you well integrated into the team and were you able to gain valuable insights?
Yes, definitely. I was warmly welcomed into the team from the very first day. At the beginning, of course, the focus was on onboarding and I was introduced to the individual departments. I was then given my first tasks straight away and was allowed to get involved in many different activities during the course of my internship. The fact that I had different tasks gave me a very diverse insight and I was able to learn a lot. I dealt with topics related to the employer brand, such as the conception and implementation of social media activities. My tasks included researching and analysing digital trends and channels for employer positioning. I was also able to help organise various events. Employer branding also has points of contact with university marketing and recruiting, which meant that I was able to take something away from these teams as well. Looking back, I am especially grateful for the team spirit and the impressions I was able to gain of everyday working life at Rödl & Partner. 

What did you particularly like about your internship? 
I particularly liked the fact that I was able to take away a lot from the internship. The fact that I gained such a diverse insight and was familiarised with all topics related to employer branding allowed me to find out which direction I would like to go in the future. During my internship, I realised that I would like to gain further insights into strategy topics, as I particularly enjoyed the conceptual design. In addition, my tasks were basically very varied and I was able to work independently, which meant that I didn't feel like "just" an intern. I also felt very comfortable in the HR Development team. 

Thank you very much for the interview, Carolina!


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