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Dear Ann-Kathrin, how long have you been with Rödl & Partner, and what prompted your decision to join us?

I joined Rödl & Partner in late November 2023 as a research assistant under the guidance of Dr. Susanne Grimm in the field of data protection/IP/IT. Starting from mid-2024, I will also be undertaking my legal traineeship here.


Following the completion of my first state examination, I pursued an LL.M. in Japan and worked in South Korea for a year. Given my extensive time abroad, it was essential for me to engage with a law firm during my traineeship that advises on stimulating international mandates. Rödl & Partner boasts a global interdisciplinary presence, including in East Asia, making it an ideal fit for me. During my interview, I immediately sensed the relaxed and familial atmosphere within the Stuttgart office, which solidified my decision.

Since you started with us, have there been any memorable moments or projects?

As I am relatively new to the company, there isn't much to report. However, the onboarding process has left a lasting impression on me. Despite currently serving as a research assistant, I've gained valuable insights, actively participated in meetings, and feel well-prepared for the legal traineeship. The aim is to ensure a seamless transition to the legal traineeship.

How do you balance your daily life outside of work? Do you have any hobbies or tips for unwinding?

I have been abroad for a long time and recently moved to Stuttgart, so I'm trying to do as much as possible in the city in my everyday life to get to know my 'new home' better. In the training period, it is sometimes difficult to clear your mind because you are constantly confronted with deadlines and appointments from various stations – therefore, in my opinion, it is important to actively take time to be outdoors and occasionally set aside the smartphone completely.

What makes your profession special to you?

I enjoy working in a field that is so diverse. Each client brings their own unique challenges, which keeps the work exciting. Taking responsibility and collaborating as a team to ensure the success of our clients is enjoyable.

What was your childhood dream job?
(laughs) Veterinarian, animal caretaker, police officer, prosecutor... the list unfortunately goes on.

Are you more inclined toward working from home or the office?

For me, a middle ground between working from home and being in the office is best. I appreciate the flexibility that comes with working from home. Additionally, it saves time and reduces the stress of commuting to the office. However, I also personally enjoy being in the office. The direct interaction with colleagues is sometimes more pleasant than video calls, and having a fixed work environment helps me focus on the essentials and be more productive.

What advice would you offer to aspiring young talents?

I encourage individuals to embrace new challenges and broaden their horizons. Remain receptive to unexpected opportunities and novel experiences. There's much more to explore in the world than just the confines of a law library.

What makes our Stuttgart branch stand out to you?

The familial, interdisciplinary atmosphere, and the stimulating mandates.

Thank you for the interview, and I wish you continued success!


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Ann-Kathrin Kuhn

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