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What should I do if …


…  I am interested in several positions?

You are welcome to apply for several positions at the same time (with an adapted cover letter). We will then review your documents according to the internal priority of the positions.


…  my application files are too large and I cannot upload them?

Compress them with suitable freeware software. Send only the most necessary documents (see last point under application tips »).

…  I notice an error after sending the application and want to correct it?

Reply to the auto-reply message that you received as an e-mail after sending the application. You can also submit documents in this way.


…  I am applying on my own initiative?

The more precisely you tell us about your desired job and the desired area of application, the more targeted we can examine your unsolicited application. So it's best if you take a look at the job descriptions in our various service lines. Please feel free to indicate your desired job title as well as the field of activity and your preferred location.


…  after a long period of time I still have no feedback on my application?

Often, particular factors – such as slightly better grades, a more relevant focus or a little more previous experience – can be decisive for the choice of applicant, especially for positions with a high number of applicants. So please do not regard a rejection as a disparagement of your qualifications. We therefore also ask you to refrain from asking about the reasons for rejection.


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