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As an auditor (f/m/d) or experienced consultant (f/m/d) in audit-related consulting, you will look after a permanent client base and lead teams.

As an Audit Assistant (f/m/d) you will work directly for the client after completing your studies and, with more experience as an Audit Manager (f/m/d), you will assume responsibility for audit projects.

As an accountant (f/m/d) you prepare balance sheets and annual financial statements for our clients.

And even as an intern (f/m/d) you will get to know the work of our professionals directly at the client's premises.

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Auditors (f/m/d), audit managers (f/m/d) and specialists (f/m/d) with professional experience

As an experienced manager in auditing and audit-related consulting, you will be responsible for a fixed client base as an independent entrepreneur.
With your initial experience as an audit manager, you will already be managing individual audits and smaller audit teams or consulting projects. In this way you will be continuously promoted on your career path by us.

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Graduates (f/m/d) with focus on examination

Apply for a job with us if you are an economist (f/m/d) with a focus on auditing and accounting. With a bachelor's degree, we will train you to become an auditor (f/m/d). With a master's degree and corresponding specialisation, you are particularly suited for our audit-related consulting services, e.g. in the areas of transaction & valuation services or capital markets & accounting advisory services.
Of course, we will support you financially and by granting you leave of absence on the path from tax consultant (f/m/d) to auditor (f/m/d). In addition, we also promote other qualifications relevant to your area of work (e.g. "C-title" such as CFA, CPA and the like).

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Accountant (f/m/d)

In our small teams you are the caring partner (f/m/d) for a fixed group of different clients.
You will prepare balance sheets, annual financial statements and tax returns and thus gain an insight into a wide range of industries including the public sector. We will support you in your further qualification as an accountant (f/m/d) up to a tax consultant (f/m/d).

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Interns (f/m/d)

Our internships offer business students especially those studying for a bachelor's degree the opportunity to work at the interface between auditing and taxation. From our experienced tax consultants (f/m/d) you will learn how to prepare complex tax returns and annual financial statements for a wide range of clients and corporate forms.
On the way to your master's degree, you can concentrate on a special field of audit-related consulting, such as transaction consulting or consulting for capital market-oriented companies.

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