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​“Successful strategies do not fall out of the sky. They are well thought out. After all they serve as a fundamental basis for our actions. We are very well equipped with our strategy to meet future challenges. Our business model is unique.”

Rödl & Partner


Rödl & Partner can now look back on a long and successful firm history. The framework of our brand is formed by the interplay of tried and tested yet current values and new, innovative ideas for the future. 


With our factbook, we will take you with us to the core of Rödl & Partner. We inform you about our roots, convictions, and objectives and show you where we come from, how we think, how we feel, and communicate our vision of the future. Read the factbook »


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Petar Grujicic-Hauck

Deputy Head of Corporate Communications

+49 911 9193 2852

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