15 years professional anniversary: I am totally devoted for accounting profession as it brings a true meaning to my life


published on 12. May 2023

Recently, Jelena Katunina, Accounting project manager at Rödl & Partner Lithuania, has celebrated her 15th work anniversary. On this exceptional occasion Jelena agreed to turn backwards and overview her own career path in the accounting field as well as to discuss the attractiveness of accounting profession and the features that are necessary for promising accountants.

Jelena, you have started building your accounting career at Rödl & Partner Lithuania 15 years ago. What are your brightest memories from the very beginning? Also, why did you decide to seek the accountant’s career in general?
Well, in early 2000s, accounting was perceived as an attractive and very promising profession. Therefore, I made my own decision to study this area and start getting practice in accounting as well.  As I remember myself, I have been dreaming of working in an office since my adolescence. After the graduation, I was employed as an accountant next to the experienced chief accountant in a tiny IT company. Despite the fact that the chief accountant was sharing with me her extensive knowledge and experience as well as delegating me complicated assignments, I dreamt of more responsibilities and more autonomy in the accounting field. I was willing to be in charge of various accounting functions, starting from the entry of initial documents up to reporting assignments. Once I noticed a job ad by Rödl & Partner Lithuania, I applied for an accountant’s position with no hesitation. After several successful selection rounds, I was invited to join the accounting department. So, my journey at Rödl & Partner Lithuania began in such a way.

How would you define your current feelings on your 15th years work anniversary? What does this mean to you personally?
Frankly, at the beginning I was not sure whether I will stay here for such a long time. You know, time flies and I have hardly noticed the years that have already passed. However, to my mind, a period of 15 years is not so extensive in terms of professional anniversaries. I have joined Rödl & Partner being so young, and within 15 years I have faced various changes and challenges in both professional and personal life. I am so thankful to my colleagues and the Head of Accounting for their support. 

What is your proudest moment within 15 years at Rödl & Partner?
I truly believe that my proudest moment is related to the fact that I have turned 15th work anniversary at Rödl & Partner. It means that I was successful in controlling stressful situations and emotions as well as in building friendly relationships with my colleagues. Last but not the least I was impressed by a set of employer‘s advantages at Rödl & Partner Lithuania.

Would you recommend Rödl & Partner as an attractive employer to others? Please, point out 3 reasons.
No doubts! I would recommend Rödl & Partner as an attractive employer because of its’ human-centric approach, internationality, attractive career opportunities and very friendly teammates! Moreover, this is a great place for gaining sophisticated professional knowledge and experience, improving language skills, meeting awesome people and acquiring new friends.

What are the major professional challenges you are facing at work, and what are the core skills or personal qualities needed to deal with those challenges?
In general, all types of professions face certain challenges, thus, accounting is not an exception. Accountants have to follow legislation changes and always stay up-to-date. In order to be on track all the time, continuous knowledge improvement in various trainings is crucial. In terms of stressful situations, logical thinking and mental strength is also highly appreciated. It is worth to get familiarized with control of your emotions, management of complicated situations and problem-solving approach. Persistence and self-motivation would also be extremely beneficial accountant’s features.

What would you advice to students and young professionals that consider following your steps by building their career in accounting?
You know, every person, considering his/her future career, has to decide whether the respective field is a potential core of his/her interest. Actually, my opinion is quite strict on this topic. If someone is hesitating due to accountant’s profession or someone is lack of motivation, this career path is not for you. Accounting is an extremely dynamic and intensive field that requires attentiveness and huge responsibility. So, I would advise for young people to choose such a profession that truly admires them at least in a couple of aspects. If they perceive accounting as the right choice for them, then it is necessary to set up clear goals and pursue them without panic and fear.

What is your favourite part of accounting tasks?
It is not easy to define because in general accounting tasks are not only about automatic entry of data and documents. It is more about an analysis of financial data and indicators, assessment of various situations in the light of the latest legislation and communication and interaction with other professionals, e.g. CEOs, employees, auditors. Although I truly enjoy all the accounting tasks, a preparation of financial statements is my favourite one. This sort of assignments requires special attention, quick reaction, logical thinking and responsibility. This is all about me.

How would you envision your professional field in another 15 years?
I am so sure that the accountant’s profession stands for the ground of my professional life, so, I do not have any plans to replace it by another profession. Looking 15 years ahead, I envision myself in the same field. I truly love this profession because it brings a true meaning to my life.

Thank you for the interview!


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