Accountant and tax consultant Heike Simon-Kleinort recounts 20 years at Rödl & Partner


published on 27 November 2020


In October 2020, auditor and tax consultant Heike Simon-Kleinort celebrated her 20th anniversary at Rödl & Partner in Nuremberg. She looks back on her beginnings as an intern and explains why she still enjoys her work so much today.

I found my way to Rödl & Partner as an intern in 1999 during my business administration studies. Soon after finishing I was offered the opportunity to start working as an examination assistant at Rödl & Partner in Nuremberg. As I was fascinated by both the corporate culture and the medium-sized or Mittelstand client structure of Rödl & Partner from the very beginning, I accepted the offer spontaneously and without hesitation.

In the meanwhile, I have been working as an auditor and tax advisor as well as Partner in the auditing field in Nuremberg, and in some cases I still look after mandates where I had already been employed as an intern.

In the last 20 years, I have enjoyed working together with my colleagues. Even in challenging times, the interaction within the team has always been positive and friendly. Being able to complete a project together competently and successfully provides motivation and enjoyment in my work time and again.

Provided that my two children still leave me a little free time, I like to spend it cycling, listening to music and reading. I like to end a busy week with a glass of good red wine.



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