Creative Christmas campaigns at Rödl & Partner in Germany and worldwide



published on 20 January 2022


Traditional Christmas parties were also not possible last year in many places. Nevertheless, our colleagues in Germany and around the world made the most of it. There were even various activities for the little ones.




Fir tree campaign for the Fürth office

Since the Corona pandemic still has us in its grip, the popular Christmas parties can unfortunately not take place again. The enormous commitment of all our colleagues should, of course, still be rewarded. So the Fürth office heads Thomas Konarski and Christian Schmutzer decided to offer everyone a little Christmas spirit at home and a small open-air event as a substitute. For this purpose, the colleagues were provided with a voucher to cut their own handpicked Christmas tree at a nearby Christmas tree farm and to enjoy a bratwurst roll and a hot drink after their work was done.

Online premiere for our Children's Christmas in Nuremberg

The stage for our annual Children's Christmas was allowed to move to the screen for the first time in 2021. "Cat and Rabbit are expecting visitors" was the name of the funny Christmas play, which around 70 children and their parents enjoyed very much during the live stream. In the digital indoor theatre, the cat and the rabbit have to tidy up together, decorate the Christmas parlour and set the table festively, which is of course not so easy when you have fundamentally different dispositions. The rabbit prefers to munch on carrots and sometimes hops in the middle of the table out of high spirits, while the cat prefers to eat fish and gets stuck in the fairy lights, completely annoyed. Fortunately, both love sweets. So the two friends navigate together and against each other through the Christmas stress and of course end up together after all. After all, not everything has to be perfect and Father Christmas comes to visit anyway! In the live chat that followed, questions were asked of the cat and the rabbit: "Was Santa real?" Sure he was. He brought the rabbit carrot cubes and the cat delicious fish.



Digital Advent CALENDAR

The Corporate Communications team was also creative. They created an advent calendar for the digital employee magazine, with a door to open every day. Behind the doors were fun facts, delicious recipes and interesting information from the world of Rödl & Partner, which provided a surprise or two. This way, everyone could get in the mood for Christmas from day to day and, in contrast to the normal Advent calendars, even without any calories, in case you haven't tried out the recipes yet.


Christ Child Action in the Community Accommodation Höchstadt

The children and youths living in the shared accommodation Höchstadt a.d.A. were astonished: In their mailboxes there was a card from the Christ Child. The content:


"Christmas is coming soon. A Christmas tree is already lit up in your yard. I wish you all a happy Advent season and look forward to placing a present in front of your door on Christmas Eve. Stay healthy! Your Christ Child."

Höchstadts Helfende Hände" (Höchstadts Helping Hands), who have been volunteering at the refugee shelter for years and actively support the full-time refugee and integration counsellor of the Diakonie Bamberg-Forchheim, came up with the idea for this lovely campaign. This year, they received support for their Christmas campaign from the Rödl Employee Foundation for Children's Aid: the foundation donated 800 euros so that the volunteers involved in refugee work could buy presents for the 31 children and young people in the accommodation. These were lovingly wrapped by the "Helping Hands" and on 24 December 2021, the volunteer "Christ Children" quietly and secretly placed them in front of the respective doors, thus bringing a little bit of Christmas to the families in the shared accommodation.






On 24th December the colleagues at Rödl & Partner in Pune came together for a small lunch party to celebrate the festivities of Christmas. It is like a tradition that they decorate the office with a beautiful Christmas tree, cute decors and a lot of good spirit. Christmas being the last festival of the year, it ends with hope, happiness and good wishes that the next year brings in more than the previous. At the Christmas lunch, all colleagues catch up, dawnting a head gear like a santa cap or a reindeer hairband. A few games completed the cozy celebration.



The social institution “Casa Hogar Santa Rosa de Viterbo, A.C.” offers girls between the ages of six and 15, whose short lives have been marked by physical, psychological, emotional or sexual violence, not only safe accommodation and food, but also an appropriate school education. At the beginning of 2021, the institution was already supported by the Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid. Rödl & Partner Mexico decided to forego an office-wide Christmas party – partly due to the pandemic – and made the money saved available for the girls, who need the donation much more. Read more »



A long-standing tradition of our Polish colleagues is a charitable art competition for the design of a Christmas card, to which children from orphanages are invited. In 2021, the children from the "Koło" Children and Family Support Centre and the Maryna Falska Children's Home No. 1 "Nasz Dom" made drawings with an angel motif. Among the dozens of entries, Magdalena's drawing was selected as the best. Both institutions participating in the competition received financial support from Rödl & Partner Poland to bring joy to the children and brighten up the Christmas season.





Until now, our employees in Spain had always invented, attached or dressed up in something Christmassy for the annual Christmas dinners. But this year once again, Covid put a spanner in the works of our Christmas feasting. As they did not want to let the special Christmas feeling be blighted, the colleagues coordinated internally, organising mulled wine and biscuits, Christmas decorations and a Secret Santa for everyone who wanted to join in. And almost everyone who was in the office that day participated, wearing their best Christmas jumpers and show casing their very best Christmas chocolate side – albeit with a lot of distance and wearing masks, and in the case of Barcelona out on the big office terrace under the open sky. Some employees were able to take home a special Secret Santa surprise. With so much creativity and Christmas spirit, we wonder what it will be like when a real Christmas dinner is possible again!


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