Change of perspective: Taking a fresh look at processes in a consulting internship



published on 21 March 2022


Change of perspective: Taking a fresh look at processes in a consulting internship
From a large industrial company with fixed structures to consulting with flat hierarchies and a steep learning curve: In November 2021, I started my internship at Rödl & Partner in the Business & IT Consulting division. In the current blog post, I report on the interesting experiences I have already had during this time and what motivated me to switch to consulting.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself briefly: My name is Tobias, I am 26 years old and I am currently studying Business Administration in the Master's program at the University of Bayreuth. There, I am deepening my knowledge, especially in the areas of controlling and accounting. I was able to use the winter semester for an internship at Rödl & Partner. However, this internship was not the first station of my professional "career" so far (as far as one can speak of it as a student). Until September 2021, I already gained practical experience as a working student at a large German automotive supplier. A very memorable time that laid the first foundation of my career.

During these 10 months, I worked in the controlling department of a product line and took on a wide variety of tasks. These ranged from helping with the monthly financial statements to supporting operational and strategic planning activities. In line with the focus of my studies, I was able to supplement theory with important practical experience and gain a deeper understanding of the processes of a large international corporation.

So far so good. Why did I choose to be the next step into a completely new industry?


The excitement of consulting

The basic factor that made me want to take the plunge and try something new again was my need to look at an issue from a variety of different angles. That's why it was more important for me not only to have seen proce­dures and processes in the specialist department, but also to be able to understand and technically map them within an ERP system. Furthermore, during my work as a student trainee, I often asked myself how other companies solve certain things and whether there are sometimes better and more efficient ways. To find this out, there was only one logical conclusion for me: I had to change my perspective.

Where better changing perspectives than in consulting? So the decision was made and I applied for an intern­ship in consulting. During the interview at Rödl & Partner it was already clear that this was exactly what I was interested in - solution-oriented work with a steep learning curve and an excellent understanding of processes. Part of the job of an external consultant is to rethink processes and, if necessary, to point out a new direction to the client, who can ultimately benefit greatly from the consultant's expertise and broad industry knowledge.


Business and IT Consulting at Rödl & Partner

The consulting market is big, so why choosing Rödl & Partner of all these companies? I heard about Rödl & Partner for some time through various events at university and career events. However, until then I had associated the company with the areas of auditing and tax consulting, but not with business and IT consulting. But I discovered this business field very quickly when I was looking for jobs in the ERP environment. I focused primarily on interdisciplinary positions where I could optimally combine my business know-how and my technical interest.

In my current position at Rödl & Partner, I work in SAP consulting in the Finance & Controlling (FiCo) depart­ment. Our FiCo team currently consists of four people. All team member are bringing many years of experience from their respective fields. First and foremost, our two Associate Partners Michael and Volker, who have been in the business for decades and from whom I was able to learn an incredible amount during these four months. Not only did I learn technical things, but I was also able to experience direct contact with clients in various workshops.


My activities

In our team, I now take on a wide variety of tasks and work independently as a fully integrated team member. One of the key points that I have come to appreciate during my time at Rödl & Partner is that I am regarded as a complete team member and meet my colleagues on an equal footing. As a new employee - whether as an intern, working student or permanent employee - you take on responsibility from day one, which means that the induction phase also flew by. After just a few weeks, I was given customizing assignments for the customer, which I was able to carry out independently and thus actively contribute to the success of the project.

In addition, I help with various preparations for workshops and with the creation of technical concepts for the customer. The latter contributed to the fact that I received a great deal of technical input in a very short time, which I probably wouldn't have received in this way at my previous working student position. Despite all the stress of the daily project business, my team members always took the necessary time to answer any questions that arose.

In conclusion, I look back on my internship very positive and would recommend it to anyone who is currently facing a similar decision. Intensive customer contact and the continuous learning success through new projects are clearly the attraction of consulting for me. After this time, when I hear the name Rödl & Partner, I think mainly of business IT consulting and the team behind it.

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