Faster success with hands-on learning: Dual studies in management and IT consulting



published on 22 September 2021


In September 2019, I started a dual master's degree program at Rödl & Partner in the field of business information systems, which was offered in cooperation with the university “Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology Berlin”. Parallel to the course of studies, I completed my training as a SAP Junior Consultant, which enabled me to gain a lot of knowledge within a very short time. In addition to the practical work in the company, I completed several seminar blocks as well as further training in the SAP environment. I was thus able to directly apply the theoretical know-how I had acquired.

Project work

A major component of the dual study program was the independent completion of a project. This was specified at the beginning together with the supervisors of the university and the company. Since I was assigned to an ERP tendering process for a public client right at the beginning of my work, I decided to work on the topic of “The introduction of ERP systems in the context of public tendering processes”. Part of the project was, among other things, the conceptual development of a possible procedure for the implementation of an ERP tender support and the creation of various templates.

In addition to the practical work in the company, the writing of transfer papers was another task. With the help of the transfer papers, the knowledge learned in the seminars was applied to problems in practice, thus creating an optimal theory-practice transfer. The dual study program enabled me not only to learn theory, but also to gain valuable practical experience.

As support for the project management, I was also able to actively participate in larger projects. The areas of application were diverse. As a result, I was not only active in the SAP environment. In particular, my activities with companies in the public sector were intensified at this time. I was able to gain further experience while assisting a nationwide SAP S/4HANA implementation. The interesting thing was that Rödl & Partner had already accompanied the tender for this implementation. The connection between the tender and the subsequent project implementation thus became clear. In addition, I was able to support the Public Management Consulting business unit with smaller activities and therefore gain additional insights “beyond my own nose”.

Another big advantage of the project work was that the procedures at Rödl & Partner are not based on rigid processes. This gives you the opportunity to contribute your ideas and give free rein to your creativity already during your studies. 

Support within the company

An absolute benefit was the intensive support I received at Rödl & Partner. Whenever I had any questions, I could always turn to competent consultants who were there to help me. Even as a dual student, I was always treated respectfully and at eye level.


The first seminars were held in presence before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. An university block took place in Stuttgart in November 2019 and another one lasting several weeks in Berlin in January 2020. I was also allowed to take a SAP licensing course in Magdeburg.

At the end of March 2020, things changed, personal contacts were reduced to a minimum and “normal” life was severely restricted. Of course, this also affected the dual study program.  Unfortunately, the planned stays abroad (USA and Japan) could not take place and all seminars were held online.

Most of the rest of the studies and the project work took place in mobile working, which in retrospect worked out great. The transition to mobile working was quick and uncomplicated, and the equipment for it was already available or was provided very quickly.

I was very lucky to have a secure job at Rödl & Partner despite this exceptional situation. Many students were hit hard by the pandemic – still being able to work was not a matter of course at that time.

Completion of the study

The topic of the project work was ultimately also the focus of my master's thesis. After two years the program was finished in August 2021 with the final examination, which took place in Stuttgart. My project supervisor from Rödl & Partner accompanied me to this date and was also a part of the examination committee to professionally evaluate the work.


The dual study program is recommended for anyone who wants to acquire a lot of knowledge quickly and receive good training at the same time. All in all, it was a very enjoyable and rewarding time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my superiors and colleagues who supported me.


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