From specialist to head of recruitment - an interview


published november 27th

Since september Lisa Henning has been the new Head of Recruiting. In the interview, she talks about her career and work-life balance.

Hi Lisa! Congratulations on your new position! How exactly has your start and career at Rödl & Partner gone so far?

I have been part of the recruitment team at Rödl & Partner since June 2022. Initially, I worked as a Talent Acquisition Specialist and was responsible for the entire recruitment process in the areas of Business and IT Consulting as well as our internal IT - from sourcing to hiring. Right from the start, I enjoyed using the knowledge I had gained in recruitment and working with the newly formed team to find the best talent for Rödl & Partner.

I am therefore particularly pleased, that in my new role as Head of Recruiting I have the opportunity to focus even more intensively on this topic. This role will allow me to focus on the strategic aspects of recruitment and I look forward to continuing to develop my skills and knowledge as the market continuously changes.

A good work-life balance is especially important to many people. What is yours like?

There is definitely a good work-life balance in our team. Of course, there are times when things are a bit more stressful, but in general the balance is good. I prefer looking at the clock at 6pm and realising how quickly the day has gone by, rather than just killing time. Having fun at work is probably the secret recipe. I'm also flexible when it comes to organising my week. Of course, there are "core working hours", but these can be managed very well,  thanks to the possibility of mobile working. As a result, I don't miss out on spending time with my family and friends.

You are always looking to strengthen your team. What qualities should potential recruits have? 

That's a very good point! In fact, we are currently actively looking for Talent Acquisition Specialists to further strengthen and expand our team. An open and communicative nature that allows you to interact effectively with people at different hierarchical levels is extremely helpful for the job. A structured way of working, organisational skills and some experience in recruitment are definitely an advantage. The ability to work well in a team and pursue common goals is also important to us. If you like the idea that no day is like any other, a recruitment position at Rödl & Partner might be what you are looking for - at least that's what I think makes this job so special.

Thank you Lisa for the interview! We wish you a successful start as Head of Recruiting.


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