20 years with Rödl & Partner: Radu-Dragos Dobrescu, office head in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia



published on 28 June 2021 


How did you find your way to Rödl & Partner back then?

Shortly after completing my business studies, I applied to Rödl & Partner as an auditor assistant. I knew Nuremberg very well, because during my studies abroad in Nancy/France I got to know a fellow student from Nuremberg and I got on very well with him. So I got a call from Matthias Weber, who told me about Rödl & Partner and convinced me to come to Nuremberg for an interview. 

In which position did you start your job?

After five interviews in one day and after lunch in the old “canteen” with Mr Weber, I decided to join Prof. Dr. Bömelburg's/Auer's team. I started there as an auditor assistant. 

How has your field of activity developed and what is your current task?

I took over responsibility for the locations in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia in 2014. Together with Prof. Dr. Bömelburg, I am responsible for our growth in this region. Internationality has always been high on my list: After Germany came Romania, in between Vienna and then it was off to Zagreb: places where I learned responsibility and much more. 

What was the best event during your time at Rödl & Partner?

The best event at Rödl & Partner was my appointment as a partner and the opportunity to stand on stage together with Prof. Dr. Rödl and celebrate together with my colleagues and my wife. 

What do you particularly appreciate about Rödl & Partner?

When I started at Rödl & Partner 20 years ago, I got to know Dr. Bernd Rödl and was fascinated by his management style. At that time, he gave me a good feeling and supported me in all matters, e.g. signing the audit opinions. This equally applied to Ms Rödl-Kastl, who assisted me during my international career. Martin Wambach also had a very strong influence on me and supported me during my stay in Romania. And last but not least, Prof. Dr. Bömelburg, who always had an ear for me and accompanied me with advice and pointers on my career path. Also, all the branch managers from abroad who have worked with me for 20 years. I appreciate this consistency very much.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my free time, I love to read and spend a lot of time with my family. I speak four languages with my daughter: German, Romanian, Croatian and English. This choice of languages is a lot of fun for us.

What do you wish for the/your future?

When I look back over the 20 years and review how I started in Nuremberg, then lived and worked in Bucharest, Vienna and now in Zagreb/Belgrade/Ljubljana, and got to know my colleagues there, it leaves me with a great feeling of gratitude towards Rödl & Partner. It makes me very proud to be part of the company. I wish it would continue like this.
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