Rödl & Partner says THANK YOU

published on 21 May 2021
As a thank you for the great work in 2020 during the Corona pandemic, Rödl & Partner is giving colleagues across Germany an extra week of vacation.




The Corona pandemic turned all our lives upside down and threw our daily routine out of balance. Thanks to the great commitment of all colleagues, 2020 nevertheless became a successful business year for Rödl & Partner. This was only possible due to the great performance and team spirit of everyone.

For this reason, the Managing Partners addressed their sincere appreciation in the form of a video message to all employees worldwide in mid-May 2021.

Prof. Dr. Christian Rödl, Chairman of the Management Board of Rödl & Partner, emphasized in the video message: “The reason for this success are the colleagues in our offices around the world.[...] For their great work in 2020 and beyond, we sincerely thank them.”

For their exceptional performance during the Corona pandemic, Rödl & Partner is giving colleagues across Germany an additional week of vacation. These days off are intended to be a sign of appreciation and give everyone the opportunity to recharge their batteries so that they can look forward to the coming period in a rested frame of mind.


One firm, one team

“With enormous personal commitment from each individual, creativity, improvisational talent and persuasiveness, we have passed this endurance test with flying colours so far. We know our strengths and will continue to apply them unchanged, because we are Rödl & Partner, one firm, one team.”


With these words, Martin Wambach, Managing Partner, also thanked all colleagues for their entrepreneurial success from Cologne. Despite the current stressful situation, combined with the unavoidable physical distance, we want to continue to strengthen cohesion and solidarity. The management expressly invites each team to organise internal team events this year as well. Summer parties are also to take place in individual offices. Depending on the situation and the pandemic, these celebrations can take place digitally, in hybrid form or on site. The internal events are seen as an opportunity to continue to promote the strong development of team spirit, as well as communication, motivation and solidarity.


The outstanding team spirit of all employees, even at the necessary physical distance during the Corona pandemic, has proven that mobile working works very well at Rödl & Partner. We are already developing a practice of mobile working for the time after the pandemic.


The Managing Partners are confident and positive about the coming period and are very much looking forward to seeing all their colleagues again in person in the near future.

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