New record for STADTRADELN 2023!


published november 20th 2023 

Together Rödl & Partner employees have cycled almost once around the world in 2023. This year, we once again took part in the STADTRADELN (city cycling) campaign, in which our colleagues from all over Germany pedalled together for a good cause and covered 33,713 km this summer.

STADTRADELN 2023 started on May 1st in our offices in Fürth, Münster and Ulm and ended on September 28th, when our colleagues in Hamburg cycled the last few kilometres for a good cause. Over the 5 months, 175 employees from 19 branch offices took part in the campaign. They cycled all over germany - on their way to work, to the bakery or for a weekend out on the mountain bike trails.
In total, our employees cycled 33,713 km, saving 5,461 kg of CO₂! But, it's not just the environment that benefits from this physical exertion. In 2023, Rödl & Partner will donate 0.50€ to the Rödl Employee Fund for Children's Aid for every kilometre cycled as part of the STADTRADELN campaign. This year, the funds will go to the language project "Hallo Klexi - wir lernen Deutsch" (Hello Klexi - we're learning German), which supports children from socially disadvantaged families as well as children with a migration background in learning German as a second language.

Outstanding performance

In 2023, we are particularly proud of the performance of the Rödl & Partner team in Mettlach, who took first place in the municipal ranking. The 13 participating colleagues travelled an average of 223 km per person, which is roughly the distance from Munich to Würzburg! A remarkable distance that saved a total of 470 kg of CO.

During the three-week campaign, our colleagues Dr. Andreas Schmid (2.111 km), Jonathan Gemeinhardt (1.656 km) and Tobias Boss (1.047 km) from the Nuremberg office put in some remarkable individual performances! In recognition of their efforts, the cyclists were presented with giftcards from Bikedevilz

(left to right) Jonathan Gemeinhardt, Dr. Andreas Schmid, Lina Winkelmann (CSR), Tobias Boss

Support for the language project "Hello Klexi - we are learning German"

Rödl & Partner's donation of 16,857€ was rounded up by the Rödl Employee Fund for Children's Aid, so that in the end 18,000€ were donated to the "Hallo Klexi - wir lernen Deutsch" language project.

"Hallo Klexi - wir lernen Deutsch" is a language project for children between the ages of 3 and 10 who are learning German as a second language. The learning programme supports educators, teachers and carers in kindergartens and primary schools. They are provided with learning packages, that promise to teach the German language in a playful way.

Finally, we would like to thank all our colleagues who took part for this extraordinary team effort! 33,713 kilometres covered means that together we have cycled almost once around the world - an important contribution to climate protection and our society!


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Sarah Schmidt

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Gerlinde Hübner

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

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