Talent events 2021 – worldwide connectivity despite distance


published on 16 July 2021


154 Senior Associates from 27 countries and 11 time zones dipped brushes into acrylic paints at the same time and created intuitively a blank canvas - guided by the thought-provoking question, “How do I want to design my new role as a Senior As­so­ci­ate?” What sounds like an after-work creative workshop was actually “Gen­era­tive Painting” as part of our talent events this year.




At Rödl & Partner, we attach great importance to enabling our colleagues to continuously develop both personally and professionally. The leap to the next career level opens up new opportunities to shape one's own activities and personal area of responsibility. To help them to find their way in their new role and to expand their own network within the firm, we offer all new Senior Associates, Associate Partners and Partners the appropriate talent event.


Before the Covid pandemic, there was a lively hustle and bustle with international flair in the hallways and garden of our headquarters in Nuremberg during the talent events. This year, the computers were running hot and we designed all three events digitally. The International Senior Associate Week took place in mid-June with 154 participants from 27 countries. Three days were filled with interesting workshops on the topics of project management and control, lateral leadership and acquisition in the mandate. The focus was also on networking, which we supported through the use of various digital tools and methods.


Becoming an Associate Partner means taking on more leadership responsibility, acquiring mandates independently and sharpening one's business focus. The workshops and presentations at the Associate Partner Days at the beginning of May, which were attended by 61 participants from 18 countries, were therefore focused on these topics. Despite all time zones, the colleagues took the opportunity to meet each other in virtual space. One highlight in this context was our “Generative Painting” event under the motto “Out of your head, into the colors!” The creative event was not only a welcome change for everyone as part of the digital training, it was also a new and inspiring experience.


On June 30, our 25 new Partners from 12 countries also took the opportunity during the New Partner Network to exchange ideas with their “Partner class of 2021” about the new position with all its requirements and to generate ideas on how challenges and opportunities in the business areas and the teams can be mastered and used. The event also focused on the digital transformation at Rödl & Partner and our leadership model.


We are proud that we were able to offer our colleagues three talent events again this year, which were designed with a lot of passion, inventiveness and a variety of digital tools.



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