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published on 2. October 2023

Lena Schulz has been with Rödl & Partner in Nuremberg since 2016. Her journey in the company started as an apprentice and then led to the position as team assistant. Today, she works in a dual role, which includes both professional tasks as an audit assistant and the team assistance function. At the same time, she is studying for an MBA.

How did your professional career start more than 7 years ago and how did you get to where you are now?

My professional journey began more than seven years ago, when I started as a trainee at Rödl & Partner on 1. September 2016. During my apprenticeship as an office management assistant, I had the opportunity to get to know many different areas of the company, which sparked my curiosity and enthusiasm for the business world.


The time as an apprentice flew by and I was not only able to gather professional knowledge, but also make valuable personal contacts. When I had successfully completed the apprenticeship, I was offered the chance to start as a team assistant in the PMC Health Industry/NPO team. I was very happy about this, as both the interpersonal interaction and the professional perspective were right. After completing my training, I decided to take further training to become a "certified business administrator". This lasted 2 years. After successful completion, I switched to a dual role as an audit assistant and team assistant. This gave me the opportunity to expand my professional skills. I also wanted to expand my knowledge after completing my further training as a certified business administrator. So I decided to start a distance learning Master of Business Administration.



You started as an apprentice and now work in a dual role. Why did you choose this path and this industry?

I have always had the ambition to develop professionally and to take on more responsibility. Personal development is very important to me. After my further training as a business administrator, I wanted to put my theoretically acquired knowledge into practice in order to deepen my professional skills. So I was offered the opportunity to work dual as a team assistant and audit assistant. In practice, this can be implemented well and I experience the full backing and support of my team here. I chose the field of auditing because I have always found it exciting and it offers a variety of challenges. 


As I decided to start an MBA on the side in November 2022, I reduced my working hours to 36 hours per week. I therefore made a conscious decision not to switch completely to the professional field. It is the right decision, because it allows me to strike a balance between my job and my studies.



What are your plans for the future? What goals have you set yourself that you would like to achieve and how does Rödl & Partner as an employer support you on your way there?
My professional plans for the future are aimed at continuously expanding my professional skills and specialising in auditing and advisory tasks in the long term. Rödl & Partner - in particular my manager Norman Lenger-Bauchowitz - provides me with excellent support in this regard by offering a wide range of further training opportunities and creating individually suitable ways to reconcile work and personal needs. I am very grateful for this opportunity and appreciate the full support of my team.  


Thank you very much for the interview and good luck for the future!


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