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The family background is of central importance for a successful professional life. Much of the creativity, imagination, resilience and motivation at work depends directly on private factors. For this reason, it is our goal to create the conditions for an optimal combination of professional and family commitment. Through numerous coordinated measures we continuously establish a flexible, family-friendly working environment. In doing so, we do not make any gender-specific distinction: Our experience has shown that the family is also of great importance for the career planning of male colleagues.


Our measures for a family-friendly working environment

Today we can offer a wide range of innovative services to all employees who want to achieve a lot in their careers, even with a strong family commitment. These include, for example, the provision of nursery and kindergarten spaces for the children of our employees at the Nuremberg office or in cooperation with childcare facilities at other locations. In addition, we offer vacation daycare at selected locations.


Daycare center for children in the Nuremberg office
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We regulate the flexible arrangement of work place and time individually and according to need, not only in exceptional family situations. It is important to us that colleagues on parental leave are actively involved in the company's activities and that they are supported in their further training during parental leave and when returning to the company. For example, all "parental leave employees" are invited to company events and can participate in the entire range of internal training measures and professional seminars.


We are happy to show that we care about the next generation! At Rödl & Partner events, we involve children as a matter of course: whether it's our annual skiing holiday or participating in the Christmas party.


Rödl & Partner as "Good Practices" example

Our activities in the area of family and career have attracted attention nationwide. At you can find Rödl & Partner among the "Good Practices" examples (in German).

A constructive cooperation without any discrimination is the be-all and end-all for us. This includes not least the compatibility of career and family. The promotion of women, further qualifications, opening up of child-friendly playing spaces, flexible working time models, parental leave, etc: From a culture of openness and flexibility, we look for the best individual solution in each case.


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